Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) is a chromatography method that allows for the separation of macromolecules based on molecule size. This technique is useful in determining percentage of high molecular weight species in a solution. SEC also has utility in characterizing various truncated/cleaved proteins from intact proteins within a solution.

KCAS utilizes SEC both pre- and post-reagent conjugation to assess the level of high molecular weight species present ensuring high quality and consistent reagents for bioanalytical methods. We use SEC to remove the unbound/free tag used in post-reagent conjugation while minimizing loss of target protein. KCAS has many decades of experience in HPLC, the engine that feeds the SEC columns.


Our long history of HPLC methods and deep understanding of biotherapeutics and polymers enables KCAS to customize your chromatography to answer the questions you are asking. Conducting SEC analysis of our reagents is an example of our commitment to ensure the highest quality of reagents for use in all aspects of bioanalysis.










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