Amino acids (21 naturally occurring) are valuable biomarkers for a variety of disorders and for monitoring effects of nutraceuticals. The Amino Acid Analysis assay separates and detects amino acids in plasma or other biological matrices through derivatization and UPLC-MS/MS. AccQ-Tag Derivatization chemistry increases sensitivity and chromatographic properties.

KCAS has developed a multiplexed panel of 21 naturally occurring amino acids.

The amino acid analysis method utilizes a simple derivatization procedure and UPLC-MS/MS giving excellent sensitivity and peak shape in a 7 minute method.   This panel can be customized to the number amino acids as needed for your program.  This assay is available for execution as a regulated or non-regulated method.

KCAS has already established this method which can be used off the shelf in both a non-regulated and regulated format.  We can customize the panels as needed and potentially extend this to amino acid content in hydrolyzed proteins or peptides









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