Alkaline Hematin Kits are not the ordinary run of the mill clinical supply kit. Collecting for Alkaline Hematin Testing involves details from ensuring patients use validated clinic-supplied sanitary products to correct storage, packaging and return.  KCAS kits contain everything required for the collection of sanitary products for determination of menstrual blood loss (MBL) using the assay. We provide Patient Instructions, which are ready for IRB submission as well as a Sample Collection Manual. The manual guides clinical site personnel in the dispensing of supplies to patients the correct way to collect samples and explains the return-shipping process to KCAS.

KCAS has provided kits supporting clinical trials for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (HMB) using the Alkaline Hematin assay for over 10 years.

Managing multiple trials and multiple sites is second nature for KCAS. We have worked and continue to work with over 400 clinical sites worldwide which are participating in clinical trials evaluating drug and device treatments for menorrhagia due to fibroids and other causes.

KCAS is a one-stop for all your Alkaline Hematin needs.  We work closely with the clinical sites and Sponsors from clinical site initiation through the last patient visit to ensure all aspects of KCAS’s part in the trial stays on track. KCAS can assist with training of clinical site personnel by presenting Investigator meetings, either in person or via webinar. Our open line of communication and expertise with Alkaline Hematin makes your job as a sponsor easy!











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