Spectral flow has come a long way in recent years, transforming from a mere whisper of possibility to an essential tool in bioanalysis. Initially gaining traction in academic institutions, it quickly caught the attention of the industry, with pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations (CROs) adopting the technology on a global scale. The advent of companies like Cytek has fueled further advancements in both capabilities and standardization across the flow cytometry world.

With the introduction of the Cytek Aurora, a cutting-edge five-laser 40-color instrument, FlowMetric, a KCAS Company, can offer their customers state-of-the-art spectral flow cytometry. FlowMetric can ensure clients get the best possible answers and the clearest data to support their decisions.

Pushing the Boundaries of Possibilities with Flow

FlowMetric is taking full advantage of its capabilities to offer clients services that were previously unattainable. The advantages are manifold:

  1. Validation of 30 Color Panels: FlowMetric is using the Cytek Aurora to develop and validate 30 color panels, offering expanded insights compared to their previous 20 color instruments.
    Key Application: Deep phenotyping panels that can be used across multiple programs.
  2. Reducing Autofluorescence: Leveraging the reduction in autofluorescence, FlowMetric can achieve more accurate and reliable results, especially in the study of macrophages.
    Key Application: The study of macrophages, which are notorious for their autofluorescence. This provides a clearer picture of macrophages’ status and response to treatment.
  3. Enhancing Potency Assays: By reducing background noise, the Cytek Aurora improves the quality of potency assays, ensuring more robust and meaningful results.
    Key Application: Phosphoflow assays in whole blood studies with multiple compounds. This can eliminate the background noise of cell morphology changes due to compound interactions.
  4. Volumetric Measurement for Absolute Counts: The instrument’s volumetric measurement capability allows FlowMetric to obtain absolute counts, providing precise and quantitative data.
    Key Application: Deep phenotyping panels that can benefit from absolute cell count data without using a channel expressly for counting beads.
  5. Utilizing Pre-Designed Panels: FlowMetric makes use of both Cytek’s pre-designed panels and newly manufactured reagents from vendor partners like BioLegend, maximizing the potential of the 40-color platform.
    Key Application: Standard phenotyping panels like the Pan-Leukocyte panels and T-cell Subset panels can be useful additions

Who Can Benefit from FlowMetric’s Spectral Flow Services?

FlowMetric’s spectral flow services are ideal for two primary groups…

The first group consists of those running extensive preclinical programs with multiple iterations. FlowMetric’s deep phenotype panels or potency assays and standardized approach are invaluable for obtaining comprehensive and consistent results.

The second group comprises developers of cell therapies, including CAR-T, CAR-NK, and CAR-M. They can greatly benefit from FlowMetric’s detailed phenotyping, quantification, and functional testing capabilities provided by the new platform.

In addition to the newest technology available, FlowMetric’s years of experience and collaborative approach with clients sets them apart from others in the space. Unlike other CROs that may require significant handholding and guidance when using advanced technology, FlowMetric takes charge of the process. The company proactively addresses challenges, presenting clients with reliable, defensible data, and clear paths forward, rather than burdening them with more questions.

In the rapidly evolving field of spectral flow, FlowMetric, powered by the Cytek Aurora, stands as a leader in providing top-notch flow cytometry services. Whether you are embarking on a large preclinical program or developing cutting-edge cell therapies, FlowMetric’s expertise and state-of-the-art technology ensure you will gain the most valuable insights and achieve your research goals with confidence.

Reach out today to start a conversation about your Spectral Flow project and unlock the full potential of flow cytometry for your research and development needs. Together, let’s advance scientific discovery and drive progress in biopharmaceuticals and beyond.

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