KCAS is the first GLP laboratory to qualify all 54 biomarkers offered as a V-Plex (Validated Plex) by MSD. The a la carte style allows for customization of panels that will fit the exact needs of a study. Additionally, KCAS can perform fit-for purpose GLP validation of any of these 54 analytes if requested. Our services are not limited to these 54 biomarkers. We can qualify or validate a wide range of custom biomarkers or commercially available biomarkers.

The expansion of our 30 biomarker panel to 54 analytes not only provides our clients with 24 additional biomarkers, but also expands our clinically validated biomarker panels from 3 to 7. The panels encompass biomarkers for vascular injury, angiogenesis, the TH17 immune pathway, inflammation and cytokine.

Our goal is to help our partners develop drugs. By offering a number of qualified and clinically validated biomarkers we enables our clients to save time and money. And we aren’t stopping here.. the 54-plex will be expanded to over 60 biomarkers soon. Stay tuned!