The benevolent COVID virus has brought our industry many “gifts.” One birthday present is like a jelly of the month club subscription, and it’s impacted all Central Labs and providers of Clinical Sample Collection Kits, without discretion: the shifting un-availability of important kit contents, like vacutainers and polypropylene tubes.

While many CROs have been jammed (pardon the pun) by this, we have found that our customers are frequently coming to us because KCAS offers an adaptive, creative, and responsive solution.

Our Clinical Kitting department is lean and mighty. We are not the right fit for every clinical trial, but we do offer high service, rapid response, and solutions to help with your complex programs. We operate out of a single location in Kansas City. We do not (yet!) have a global footprint, however we do ship kits across the world. Customers have shared with us that we offer adaptability that some of our competitors cannot match. Our start-up times are often 3 to 6 months faster than larger, global central labs. We offer kitting for both routine plasma collection for pharmacokinetic samples, as well as more customized kits, like those needed for Flow Cytometry (fixed and fresh whole blood), tissue collections (skin, nail, sputum, BAL, etc.), and biologic samples that require stabilization.

Various kit contents can be hard to come by, whether it be because of an uptick in COVID clinical trials on top of all the other studies for therapeutic areas across the spectrum, or simply the supply chain challenges that affect every industry. Regardless of the reason, we have ways to mitigate that impact on getting clinical sample kits to the sites – and patients – in time for their protocol assessments. We have good relationships with several vendors. We actively manage our in-house supplies and expiration dates. We order from several suppliers to ensure we receive supplies from at least one before kits need to be sent out to sites.

If you are looking for a clinical supplies provider that will focus on your program with great service, quick response and provide the support you need please get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk through your specific needs. We’d love for you to be our “next happy, repeat customer.”

We look forward to evaluating your project with you soon! Please use the form below to let us know when you are available to meet!