Drug discovery is an essential part of the drug development process. Testing in drug discovery is the mechanism to provide drug candidates that are selected for regulated animal studies and hopefully moving into clinical trials. Bioanalytical drug discovery includes a wide range of tests including assessment of a compound’s physiochemical properties, metabolite screening, bioavailability, toxicity and pharmacokinetics.

One of KCAS’ core expertise is using bioanalytical LC-MS/MS to support drug discovery, particularly in assessing bioavailability and pharmacokinetic work. We can help with study design and do the actual TK assessment once the bioanalytical data are available.

Frequently, data from discovery bioanalysis has to be available as soon as possible after samples are taken. We understand the need to combine data quality with rapid delivery so our processes are built round the need for speed


What regulatory requirement is needed?

We apply three different levels of rigor for quantitative discovery analysis. Understanding the balance between data quality and giving an answer to help customers

Where would the in-life portion of the work be done?

KCAS has access to resources and relationships that allow us to offer the full suite of discovery services

What matrices have you worked on?

Our Discovery team at KCAS are trained in all aspects of bioanalysis including sample extraction, LC-MS analysis, data integration and reporting. We routinely work with plasma samples from rodents, dog, pig and non-human primate. For many drugs, the penetration into tissue is an important factor so we have built extensive experience dealing with tissue and other non-routine matrices.

KCAS’ extensive cross-training program ensures that resources can be available immediately to supplement our core Discovery team when we see a rapid influx of work. We can move forward with your projects at very short notice.

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