Clinical Sample Kitting is an immensely important part of many drug development projects, and one that requires the highest level of attention to detail, combined with the experience to ensure each kit is built exactly to specifications.

KCAS is the Clinical Kitting expert for your Drug Development needs.

KCAS designs and builds custom kits and prepares custom lab manuals for all phases of clinical trials. KCAS routinely manages clinical kitting supplies from standard materials to  specialized materials needed for our customers (e.g., PAX gene, TruCulture, etc.). Our range of experience includes a number of different types of collections, from simple blood and blood products, to muscle biopsies and tears. KCAS has experience with virtually any type of sample collected for a clinical trial.

Additionally, KCAS supports investigator meetings for presentation of kits and training of development teams on all aspects of the kit build and use. KCAS also offers in-person or remote training (including pre-recorded instructional videos) at clinical sites to ensure sample integrity by providing training on kit component collection, sample collection and storage, and shipping samples. KCAS supports over 100 trials worldwide annually, including shipment of thousands of kits. Our team obtains the necessary permits and import documentation required for international samples  entering  the U.S. We have relationships with several domestic and premium international couriers, as well as brokers for clearance processing.

KCAS has shipped kits to over 800 countries worldwide. KCAS also offers repository of samples, including short- and long-term sample storage, depot service to other analysis labs, batch shipping, and reconciliation and relabeling services. Whether KCAS is conducting the analysis or analysis is contracted with a different laboratory, we treat our customers’ samples as the priceless assets they represent, with the same care we provide to our own analysis samples.

No project is too big… or too small.

KCAS works with many smaller trials, but we are able to scale very efficiently within our kitting group to accommodate the needs of larger projects. We have a dedicated team that works exclusively in kitting, and we also have many times that number of employees trained, qualified, and available to assist, rotate in, and work with generating kits, creating and applying sample labels, and meeting the needs of all our customers – at any size request.

KCAS is adept at anticipating turnaround time for each project and managing inventory in the most efficient way to ensure we will always have kit materials available, ensuring the supplies placed in outgoing kits will remain viable throughout the life of the kit.

KCAS offers one-on-one Clinical Sample Kitting service – head and shoulders above our competitors.

Kitting has been a cornerstone of the history of KCAS, and even as we have grown to be a leader in the full-service bioanalytical industry, clinical kitting has remained a service in which we take pride. Unlike many within this industry, KCAS provides a dedicated and responsive team, easily reachable and available at all times, to ensure timely service resolution.

KCAS’s kitting customers will receive quick answers and solid solutions to their needs. Our dedication, scalability, and responsiveness set us apart from others, and it shows in our extremely high satisfaction scores, for our attention to detail and insistence upon the highest quality standards.

If you have any questions about these services or any others offered by KCAS, please use the form below. Thank you!