Thank you for your interest in learning about KCAS. Founded in 1979, KCAS has become one of the fastest growing Bioanalytical and Biomarker facilities within our industry. KCAS is a progressive growing contract research organization of over 150 talented and dedicated individuals committed to our mission, “KCAS provides reliable and defendable data, enabling our clients to improve health worldwide.”

KCAS provides stand-alone bioanalytical services to the Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Animal Health and Medical Device industries. Clients choose us because our expert scientific management has a combined 135+ years of bioanalytical testing and laboratory expertise. Our depth and breadth of experience comes from more than 4,600 proprietary and more than 900 non-proprietary assays developed to date.

Pharmaceutical Discovery

A drug discovery program attempts to address a disease or clinical condition without suitable medical products available. KCAS offers testing related to the research and data required to define next steps in the drug development timeline. Our Discovery Group is focused on providing fast turnaround times to testing our clients’ research ideas.

Pharmaceutical LC-MS/MS

Mass spectrometry (MS) is an analytical technique applied to samples. KCAS offers MS in supporting all aspects of small molecule bioanalysis for preclinical and clinical studies (Phase I-IV). LC-MS/MS (combined with various sophisticated sample preparation techniques) are used to meet bioanalytical needs for drug discovery, preclinical, and clinical studies, including bioanalysis of drugs and metabolites, biomarkers, and active endogenous compounds in biological fluids and tissues.

Ligand Binding Assays

Ligand Binding Assays continue to be the primary tool used in the biopharmaceutical sciences to quantitate proteins and anti-drug antibodies in biological fluids and tissues. This assay platform is a useful tool used from early drug discovery, through pre-clinical toxicology work, and clinical studies.

Biopharmaceutical LC-MS/MS

LC-MS/MS can be used with extremely selective sample enrichment strategies (immunoaffinity) or sensitive chromatographic approaches (microflow). This provides very sensitive and specific assays for quantitation of biotherapeutics and biomarkers to support programs from early discovery through GLP and the clinic.


Biomarkers are measurements of analytes in biological fluids and tissues that inform the investigator on the effect a drug has on a biological system and often are used to identify the correct patient subset to dose with a new therapeutic entity. KCAS was the first GLP laboratory to qualify all 54 biomarkers offered as a V-Plex (Validated Plex) by MSD. This allows us to produce tailored data for our clients using biomarkers and clinical end point data. We have a large toolbox we can use to meet your biomarker needs.

Clinical Sample Kits

KCAS can provide various types of supplies and instructions needed to guide Clinical Site personnel through the process of collecting various matrices/tissues as outlined within the protocol of their trial.

At KCAS, we have had the good fortune of helping people develop drugs since 1979. We get up every day and have the pleasure of being able to impact global health. With a can-do attitude and positive-only approach, we are solving problems and exceeding time lines.

If you have any questions, please use the form below. Additionally, you can reach out to me directly, or any other member of KCAS’ leadership team. Thank you.