As nations and states deal with the effect of a global pandemic, this has translated to a thorough test of industries and businesses. KCAS has been designated as an essential business by nature of our role in supporting the development of life-changing medications. We have had to focus on maintaining our operational focus which has definitely tested our executive management, our procedures, and our staff.


Very early on, our management took action and mobilized policies and actions that focused on keeping our staff safe while still meeting our clients’ timelines. They have asked people who could work from home, to do so, and those who have to be physically present, only be present for the hands-on portion of lab work. Additional laptops were provided to allow the scientific staff to process data or write reports from home.  For those who had to be physically present, exercising “social distancing” became the mandated in-lab policy.


Our staff have responded with enthusiasm agreeing with management’s approach. There has been full-scale adoption of the new policies even though COVID-19 cases have been very limited in our area. In addition, our staff rose to the challenge and found solutions for any processes that became challenging due to the work from home aspect. Working from home and flex scheduling for the rest of the staff has enabled progress in all projects and delivering data consistent with agreed timelines.


As part of our ongoing strategy of growing the business through addition of services, we recently implemented collaboration between our Discovery team and local in-life facilities. This has had beneficial consequences because we are able to offer Discovery support from study design through drug administration to bioanalysis with no concern about sample shipment.  Having laboratories, only minutes away, that can deliver samples to us via a local courier is now a huge value-added option for us and our customers. This removes any concern about whether it’s possible to ship samples from a remote location, so timelines are unaffected.


We can reassure you that we are open, and we are delivering data and reports consistent with our clients’ timelines. To date, everyone has a sense of “we are in this together” to make us successful.  With that said, we all hope that we can get back to the old normal as soon as it is safe to do so.


Times have certainly changed. Has the time arrived for you to think differently about your bioanalytical CRO? We at KCAS are open for business and ready to help.


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