For those watching the industry in 2022 – be prepared to hear the name “KCAS” a lot, because the plans in store for growth include a number of shifts that have already begun with the recent acquisition of a FlowMetric, a CRO known for their flow cytometry and cellular assay R&D service offerings with locations in Pennsylvania and Milan, Italy. This acquisition was announced earlier in February when KCAS CEO, John Bucksath said “We are delighted to partner with the FlowMetric team, accelerating KCAS’s combined offering to support the industries and customers we serve.”


KCAS is committed to supporting FlowMetric in expanding its technical reach, capacity, and resources through growth investments. KCAS’s acquisition of FlowMetric allows our combined clients access to further operational support to meet the increasing demands we see and to meet industry needs. Immediately, KCAS clients will benefit from the capacity available to conduct flow cytometry work. For many within our industry, increasing their flow cytometric service offerings has been a cumbersome and time-consuming process, as it takes extremely skilled scientists with a lot of experience to really get it right.


FlowMetric has been doing this for over 10 years now, and they have built a trusted name in the arena; and they have the capacity. Flow cytometry has always been a part of what we do at KCAS, but it’s the only thing they’ve ever done there, so a lot of companies in our industry have gone to them because of the unique nature of the cell-based assays. Not every bioanalytical CRO offers these services, and even those who do, don’t necessarily do it extremely well. When you get into the cell and gene therapy areas, you’re dealing with some rare diseases and immuno-oncology – those types of therapies have a more specific set of needs, from helping with clinical supply kits, through the whole chain of sample management – it takes a very specific set of skillsets and levels of experience that most CROs out there just don’t have. So to bring in a group like FlowMetric, that is 100% focused on cell-based assays and flow cytometry and couple it with all the complimentary services KCAS has become known for is very exciting. We are a perfect resource for companies producing cell-based therapies or have a need for cell-based immunological endpoints and biomarkers. Without a doubt, his acquisition clearly marks the shift toward KCAS being one of the leading CROs in the industry for services around cell therapy.


Along with the east coast presence in Doylestown, PA, FlowMetric brings with them their location in Italy. This European location has now given KCAS a foothold toward our goal to accelerate internationalization through additional acquisitions and deliver world class services to our growing client base. KCAS will continue to look for opportunities to increase our innovative services so we can stay on the leading edge of international service offerings to our clients.


While many in our industry are playing catch-up, KCAS has instead been devoted to forward momentum and growth opportunities like FlowMetric. Being optimally positioned for growth by our investor, Vitruvian Partners, KCAS has already embarked on a number of significant investments, including a nearly completed 70,000 sq. ft. facility in Kansas City, a continued commitment to attract the industry’s top scientific talent, and we are doubling down on our outstanding customer service. We will continue to work with Vitruvian Partners to identify key opportunities that will build on excellent foundations, and support the increasing needs of KCAS’s growing list of pharmaceutical and biotech clients. As the drug development market continues to evolve, these investments will create the opportunity to broaden our capabilities, advance our geographical reach, and provide the highest level of service within the industry. 2022 is going to be a big year – and we’re just getting started. We look forward to showing you more very soon… just keep your eye on KCAS and watch us grow!


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