KCAS offers custom and kit-based services for quantifying cytokines, chemokines and other biomarker in animal or human matrices. Our team of scientists use ELISA, or electrochemiluminescence (ECL)-based assays to perform the bulk of our biomarker work, although other platforms, such as LC-MS/MS are available. For ECL-based assays, we operate the Meso Scale Discovery™ (MSD) Sector Imager 600.

About the MSD Sector Imager 600 platform:

MSD utilizes electrochemiluminescence to detect binding events on patterned arrays. The combination forms a unique solution with the benefits of highly sensitive assays with wide and accurate dynamic ranges, with the additional benefit of convenience. MSD assays can be established in singleplex or multiplex format with 5-10 antigens per well.

The instrument uses ultra-low noise charge-coupled device (CCD) cameras with custom-designed telecentric lenses for rapid detection in all MULTI-ARRAY® or MULTI- SPOT® plates. The reader is ideal for applications requiring high information content and high throughput, making it a perfect platform for multiplexing biomarkers and cytokines or performing immunogenicity screening. To learn more about this instrument visit: Meso Scale Discovery

KCAS provides the following
  • Need-based method development
    • Adaptation of commercial kit to fit needs
    • Method transfer from sponsors’/academic labs
    • Assay development using critical components
  • Single-plex and multiplex analysis
    • Animal and human matrices
    • Single analyte measurement by ELISA  methods
    • Multiple-analyte panel measurements by ECL–based assays (using MSD Imager 600)
  • Fit-for purpose method qualification
    • In-depth knowledge and experience in qualification
    • Faster analysis, attractive pricing
      • Nominal-cost qualification of most multiplex panels
      • Timely deliverables

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