How confident are you in your CRO’s support of your drug discovery program?

Maybe you should take a closer look…

Support of drug discovery programs is essential in providing integrated drug development services.  The key is having the expertise to also be able tackle not only complex matrices but any biomarker component.  KCAS has extensive experience providing these integrated services. We understand bioanalytical challenges; we’ve encountered them-and we have solutions for them.  We know how to select the appropriate system calibration matrix, how to tackle highly unstable compounds, and how to work around both micro sample requirements and complex matrices.

In this presentation, featured speakers will highlight bioanalytical challenges in drug discovery and some potential solutions. Examples presented will include:

  • The approach taken in drug discovery with the selection of an appropriate system calibration matrix
  • How to tackle highly unstable compounds
  • Working around micro sample requirements (i.e., ocular tissues, human tears, rat milk)
  • Processing complex matrices (ear wax, sputum, lung)

Below view the archived webinar, recorded live and produced by Xtalks on April 25th, 2018.