Biomarkers come in many flavors. They can vary from serum/plasma analytes to the measurement of drug pathways. KCAS can assist with your biomarker needs in a variety of ways.

We have qualified or prototype biomarker multiplex panels for support of preclinical and clinical trials, including over 100 circulating biomarkers and 16 flow cytometry panels. With a wide variety of biomarker instruments and platforms (n=8) and a high degree of sensitivity (femtomolar levels) we can custom build, transfer, optimize, and qualify/validate assays for your biomarker methods. Whether it’s specialized cell based methods such as immune function and regulation, enzyme activity, and receptor occupancy, or an off the shelf kit based assay, we have the expertise and experience to provide you with reliable and defendable biomarker data.


Clients frequently choose KCAS because we save them time and money by having qualified biomarkers that are ready to go for support of biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals.









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