KCAS is Named 2016 Best Companies to Work For by Ingram’s Magazine

Article Expert for Ingram’s Magazine

“There are good reasons why staff longevity is a common virtue among the 61 employees at Shawnee-based KCAS Bioanalytical & Biomarker Services, where the current average tenure is more than a decade. That kind of staying power is a rarity outside the leadership offices of any small business, and it speaks volumes about the way employees are valued at this contract research organization.

What KCAS has achieved is all the more impressive when you consider the amount of staff travel involved to attend 15 research conferences and symposia every year. The value that the company places on finding and retaining the right people is reflected in its employee-referral bonus program: Any employee who refers a successful job candidate receives a cash bonus on the date of that new employee’s hire – and again, on the sixth-month anniversary of that hire. And the Employee of the Month program comes with a $200 cash bonus and a dedicated parking space.

The company helps look after the long-term welfare of employees with a comparatively sophisticated retirement program that includes a safe-harbor 401(k) with a potential company match of 3 percent of an employee’s annual salary, plus optional after-tax contributions to Roth accounts, with full vesting after six years. On top of that, the leadership may elect to make a profit-sharing contribution, with each employee receiving a payout based on their pay level within the organization.

The insurance benefits include both PPO and high-deductible plans that allow employees to tailor their coverage to their personal health needs. And whether it’s employee-only or employee/spouse or employee/children or the whole family, the company foots 75 percent of the bill for those premiums. Same goes for the dental plan; vision coverage is provided at no cost to employees, and there are health-savings account and flexible spending accounts options (the latter including up to $5,000 for qualified dependent care), plus life, company AD&D plans with coverage of up to $150,000 each, with optional voluntary add-ons for higher coverages, long and short-term disability, and prescription-drug coverage.”

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