When clients come to KCAS in need of method development they will often ask what matrices with which we have experience. Questions we are asked included “Do you have experience developing methods in difficult matrices?” “Do you have experience developing methods for the more complicated and unstable chemical modalities?”  “Can you develop a high sensitivity assay?” At KCAS, methods are developed with a fit-for-purpose design in mind, based on our Client’s needs.  This can range from developing an assay in support of a proof-of-concept to a GLP-compliant investigation.

Over 5,000 bioanalytical methods have been developed by KCAS over the last 40 years across every drug class.  KCAS develops robust methods in an efficient manner with high reproducibility. Our methods move from development to validation in a seamless process.  The specific parameters for each development vary, but typically focus on limit of quantitation, precision/accuracy and analyte stability.

KCAS develops robust assays. A comprehensive list of non-proprietary methods that have been established may be found here.









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