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2020 has seen a major shift in our business environment as the world works to deal with the new coronavirus. As social distancing policies have been implemented, we’ve observed some impact on day to day operations. There was concern amongst industry veterans that this potential slowdown would follow the pattern of the recession in the last decade. At that time, the shrinking economy resulted in the delay or cancellation of many drug development projects and severely affected company growth in the life sciences sector.


However, the root cause underlying the economic shift is very different between 2008 and 2020. The pharmaceutical industry is at the forefront of dealing with the challenges set by coronavirus so we have not seen an overall slowdown in operations. Delays in some clinical trials have been countered by new research programs for candidates to address the multiple therapeutic challenges of COVID-19. Pre-clinical trials have seen little or no decline and perhaps even a resurgence as the focus on clinical is shifted.


As a measure of confidence, there has been considerable pharmaceutical company activity outside of the core drug development process.  In the year to date there have been 17 IPOs for life sciences businesses as well as regular announcements of mergers & purchases as companies have looked to build their research portfolios. Perhaps for the first time in a long time the public opinion of pharma is being viewed in a positive light.


KCAS has a number of solutions to help the pharma and biopharma industries in the post COVID-19 era. This presentation will provide an overview of recent developments in the pharmaceutical and bioanalytical industries outside of what is being done to address COVID-19. We will include case studies looking at the scientific challenges that KCAS continues to see on a daily basis.


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