Simoa: Start Being More Sensitive When it Comes to Biomarkers

kcas_website-graphic_dominic-warrino_300x300The Simoa HD-1 Analyzer by Quanterix has broadened the detection of biomarkers to allow for screening of patient plasma, serum, or peripheral samples offering an advantage over more standard, and certainly more evasive, CSF samples. This has changed (and some might say revolutionized) the way scientists think about biomarkers.

Neurodegenerative and pediatric studies have benefited the most from the ability of the Simoa HD-1 Analyzer’s ultra-sensitive detection levels and low sample volume requirements. The Simoa can detect femtomolar levels of endpoint markers in a variety of matrices. Additionally, the enhanced lower limit of detection has improved the ability to screen and monitor inflammatory cytokines and chemokines to support pre-clinical and clinical trials.

KCAS Bioanalytical and Biomarker Services is one of the first GLP compliant laboratories offering Simoa HD-1 Analyzer services. Partnering with Quanterix, we’ve worked together – manufacturer and service provider – to understand what it takes to provide reliable and defendable biomarker results at such low levels of detection. We have recently completed and have assay performance data available for the Quanterix Abeta 42 (Aβ-42), Neurofilament light chain (Nf-L), and TNF-α assays.

Typically, clients come to KCAS after trying to analyze samples with ELISA or MSD platforms, but that platform was not quite sensitive enough for their needs. Another scenario is results were inconsistent from patient-to-patient or timepoint-to-timepoint and were not precise enough to show a narrative of what was occurring. Whatever your situation, we stand ready to consult with you to see if the Simoa is right for your program.

For more information check out our Simoa HD-1 Analyzer Sales Sheet



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