KCAS: Your Harbor in a Sometimes Stormy Industry

Let’s face it… we work in a crazy industry.


Nobody who has spent any significant portion of their career within it would deny that the global pharmaceutical & biopharmaceutical industry is a volatile one, with many opportunities but also several unexpected “hazards” along the way. The market is expected to continue its growth, expansion, and evolving M&As throughout 2019, and with it will come the series of upsets and changes that make it difficult to know which decisions are best for your long-term drug project.


At KCAS we know how you feel about these decisions (and the industry in which you must make them) because we’ve been doing this for over 40 years – and we like to think that our customers have come to see KCAS as a “safe zone” in the tempest of a historically stormy marketplace. We’ve been doing this long enough to know what it’s like when things change and how to best deal with them as they do.


We understand the industry and we’ve planned ahead to ensure responsive start times for your project. Depending on what you need, we are often able to start immediately! And that responsiveness carries its way throughout the rest of the projects you send to KCAS – and we can do a lot of them! KCAS offers services from Discovery work to Method Development; and even Sample Analysis for Pre-Clinical and Clinical Studies. By allowing KCAS to follow your molecule throughout the testing pipeline, there is no need for additional fees incurred for Method Transfer, Validation or Feasibiltiy.


KCAS’ history of low in-house ISR (Incurred Sample Re-analysis) helps our customers feel safe.