kcas_website-graphic_dominic-warrino_300x300Samples in your freezer that still need to be tested?

Assays not performing as expected?

Boss looking for answers??


Many of our clients come to us because other CROs have provided meaningless flow cytometry PD assay results. This could be due to poor panel design, inability to compensate correctly, or lack of controls for the assays. Others state their current CRO is unable to get the PK, ADA, biomarker or PD assay to perform the same way it does in the client’s in-house lab. Other clients know what they need, but rely on us for technical support.


Regardless of the situation, our method development and validation scientists can help custom develop, troubleshoot, optimize, or directly transfer assays to support clinical and non-clinical trials. Our highly trained scientific staff use a number of tools like the MesoScale Discovery to analyze nanogram, picogram, and even femtogram detection levels for PK and biomarkers. We can even produce 30 biomarker data results in a flash! We are are experienced in validating methods for monoclonal antibodies, chimeric proteins, endogenous proteins & other varieties of Biologics.



Watch the video below to find out how KCAS could help solve the challenges your program is facing.




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