Why Flow Cytometry at KCAS? Solving the Mysteries of Flow Cytometry

kcas_website-graphic_feature-profile-photo_300x300_updated_joyce-slusserWhich anticoagulant is right for your flow cytometry analytes? The answer depends. That’s just one of the questions we address in the short video below. Watch on to learn about how we evaluated several anti-coagulants to determine epitope stability, permitting the use of remote collection agencies and shipping samples to KCAS at reasonable timeframes, while maintaining confidence in the data. The presentation includes a snapshot of data sets, quality standards we employ, and workflow optimization so you can see how we work. KCAS offers a number of multi-parameter immunophenotyping panels which can be utilized “off the shelf” or customized to your needs. These panels are optimized for fresh, frozen and fixed cells.


About the presenter: For most of her career Joyce Slusser, PhD has focused her passion on biomarker discovery for drug action and immune monitoring in disease/treatment through Flow Cytometry. A 17 year veteran, she joined KCAS’ flow cytometry operations in 2016. Dr. Slusser is an active member of multiple Cytometry associations and is the founder of Great Plains Analytical Cytometry Association. Before coming to KCAS she was a global senior application analyst for Beckman Coulter, and a research assistant professor at the University of Kansas Medical Center., KCAS’ flow cytometry workflow optimization at Washington University.


Let us help you solve the mysteries of flow cytometry.


Watch the video below to find out how KCAS could help solve the challenges your program is facing.