Next Generation Multiplexing

Next Generation Multiplexing

KCAS has been working with Genalyte since July of 2014 to be the first CRO to offer GLP method validation and Non-GLP method qualification of the Maverick™ Detection System.

What is the Maverick™ by Genalyte?

The Maverick Detection System is designed around a proprietary, disposable consumable containing an array of Photonic Ring Sensors constructed using silicon photonics technology. The system directly detects the binding of proteins or antibodies to the sensor in real-time and results are analyzed simultaneously with the accompanying Genalyte software.

When should you consider using Maverick™ instrument?

  • Immunogenicity
    • High to moderate risk compounds that require characterization
  • Multiplexing of Biomarkers (Up to 16 analytes)
    • Autoantibodies (Lupus, Scleroderma, and Type I diabetes)
    • Tumor associated antigens (TAA’s)
    • Specialized or custom biomarkers
    • Inflammation biomarkers
  • Measurement of drug or biomarker that was unsuccessful using other platforms


  • Provides more data from a smaller sample in less time.
    • Multiplex up to 16 analytes/sample
    • Low sample volume (5ul)
  • Automated platform
    • A full array of 24 samples can be run in less than 2 hours
    • Actually technician time is less than 30 minutes
    • Reduces variation (%CV)
  • Real-time direct detection (No fluorescent labels)
  • Multiplex for anti-drug antibody isotyping/characterization
    • Can screen and isotype in one 5ul sample
    • High free drug tolerance