KCAS uses cutting edge technologies, including the Simoa by Quanterix, to address some of our client’s most challenging assay goals for PK and biomarker testing.

Why Simoa?  

Simoa by Quanterix is an ultra-sensitive diagnostic platform capable of measuring individual proteins at concentrations 1000 times lower than the best immunoassays available today. The platform enables the detection and quantification of biomarkers preciously difficult or impossible to measure, opening up new applications to address significant commercial unmet needs in life science research, in-vitro diagnostics, companion diagnostics, blood screening, and more.

Unprecedented Sensitivity

  • Ability to trap single molecules in femtoliter-sized wells, allowing for a digital readout of each individual bead to determine if it is bound to the target analyte
  • This digital process allows an average of 1000X sensitivity increase over conventional assays, while maintaining reliability of the data

Robust Multiplexing

  • Up to a 10-plex on a variety of analyte panels helps
  • Preserve samples by allowing multiple results from small volume
  • Saves costs on consumables
  • Dramatically increase throughput for larger experiments

Complete Automation

  • High precision service provides accurate and reproducible data with <10% CVs
  • Ensure consistent results and the greatest sensitivity possible


  • Ability to quantify all patients > Simoa detects healthy, at risk and disease
  • Research possible in the areas of
    • Neurology – Allows blood tests for neurological disorders
    • Oncology – Shortened time for detection of cancer recurrence from years to months
    • Infectious disease – First immunoassay to be as sensitive to viruses as PCR

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