Senior Director, R&D and LC-MS/MS Services

Dr. Yansheng Liu is a Senior Director with KCAS, managing the Bioanalytical Research and Development team and the LC-MS/MS laboratory. He joined KCAS in 1997 after completion of his post-doctoral research in analytical chemistry at Indiana University. He has developed and validated hundreds of bioanalytical methods with his team using LC-MS/MS combined with on-line and off-line sample cleanup techniques. He diligently monitors the performance of each validated method to ensure quality performance over time. Dr. Lui excels at troubleshooting instrument-method, and operation-related problems to ensure quality and timeline management. He continuously demonstrates his dedication to clients’ bioanalytical needs in drug discovery and development activities and uses his strength in solving challenging bioanalytical problems to meet regulatory requirements. He has also authored over 40 publications and presentations.

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