Director, Quality Assurance

Victor Green1Victor has 26 years of experience working in bioanalytical laboratories; 11 of those years in Quality Assurance (QA). He spent five years as a QA specialist and has spent the last six years in QA management. He has been a Registered Quality Assurance Professional in GLPs since 2002. Since joining KCAS in 2006, he has played an important role in client interactions regarding KCAS’ quality as well as implementing quality improvement in practices, procedures and training. As Director of Quality Assurance, Green has been involved in multiple FDA regulatory inspections and client audits. He supervises quality staff auditing activities for projects and clients, which involves resolving quality issues, notifying senior management of issues related to quality and providing status updates for GLP studies. Prior to joining KCAS, Green had 16 years experience as a chemist in bioanalytical laboratories for Marion Merrel Dow, Hoechst Marion Roussel and Quintiles.

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